Having trouble? Here are some hints.

Our links should open streaming for the station selected. Sometimes you may be taken to the home page, to listen, look for a "listen now" or similar area and click. Most times the links are quite obvious but on some pages you may have to search a little.

If your trying to listen to a certain matchup, you will probably have to click on stations from both home and away teams until you find one thats online. Try just the first few links starting at the top, we try to bring up the known streamers to the top of the list. If there is nothing then go through the list one station at a time.

Check out the chat room, there may be clues there as to which station may be broadcasting a game. Find the chat room link on the daily schedule page.

Be sure you have the correct media player loaded. If not visit the download page.

Be patient, give everything enough time to load before you decide a link is not working.

Remember to turn off pop-up-blocking, many streamers come up as pop-ups. A quick way to disable pop-up blocking is to hold down the control button while you click on the link. This will disable the pop-up blocking for just that moment.

TVAnts trouble?

If you have the TVAnts player up, but just a black screen with the player buffering, try this. Download the VLC player from the downloads page. Click on the "File" tab. Select "Open File". In the "Open" box type in or paste localhost address from the properties if you right click on the TVAnts screen. Click on "OK". The VLC media player should then start playing the game. You must also keep the TVAnts player running, just minimize it to get it off your screen.

Also be aware that TV links can be fluid. If a link is not working at the begining of a game or goes off-line during a game, don't give up hope. Keep trying every once in a while and the game may come on or up again.

P.S. If you're going to listen to a game and surf the web, please use our Google search bar, we may get a few pennies from Google which will help keep our site up and running.